Prof. Dr. Muhayatun Santoso


Full Name : Prof. Dr. Muhayatun Santoso
Field of Expertise : Radiochemistry, NuclearAnalytical Techniques
Position : Researcher
E-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Muhayatun Santoso is an expert in air quality, especially in utilization of nuclear analytical techniques such as neutron activation analysis, ion beam analysis and x-ray fluorescence. She has experienced as a consultant in several pollution problems in Indonesia and has a national wide collaborations with local environmental protection agencies. She has research activities in national, regional and international scale of research projects. In national scale she is a principal investigator in Indonesian cities air quality monitoring and source identification through applying nuclear analytical techniques. For regional research, she is a national representative of Indonesia for IAEA project for identification of source pollution in Asian region, while in international research, she is a principal investigator in research contract with International Atomic Energy Agency.

She is often invited in international events. Recently, she presented the research results of Asia Pacific countries on utilization of ion beam analysis for air pollution sources identification in side meeting on General Conference IAEA with theme on socio economic impact of accelerator at September 17, 2015 in Vienna. She was also invited by Synchrotron Light Research Institute in Thailand to present the status of Indonesia on application of neutron technology in sub-committee meeting as one of side events on ASEAN COST (committee of science and technology) which is the group of representative from minister of science and technology for each contries in ASEAN. The side meeting was held on Phuket, Thailand on May, 2015. In this meeting, she presented the progress and current status of nuclear analytical techniques applications in environmental and also the feasibility of synchrotron applications. Not only in environmental field, shealsohas an expertise in food analysis. She has been invited by SEAMEO RECFON as keynote speaker in seminar and workshop on Current Issue and updates on Food Composition Table (FCT), October 2015. She also has an interest in developing on reference materials research. She has a good collaboration with ANSTO and KAERI, as well as China Atomic Energy Agency for determination of elements in reference materials.

For research publications, she has published several journal publications and disseminate in international seminars such as in nuclear analytical methods in life science (NAMLS), modern trend activation analysis (MTAA), air and waste management association (AWMA) conferences, Asian aerosol conference (AAC), Biopixe, Better air quality (BAQ), International symposium on Biological and environmental reference materials (BERM), as well as several seminars in national. She has graduated her PhD from Institute Technology Bandung in 2002, and has been inaugurated as Professor in 2013.