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Collaborating Centre – A recognition from IAEA

BATAN was appointed by the IAEA as an IAEA Collaborating Centre

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Safety and Security

Working with radioactive material requires a high safety and security culture. BATAN has implemented the nuclear safety and security culture accordance with national and international regulations.

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(Bandung, 13 August 2015). BATAN is continue to introduce nuclear security culture to all of its nuclear facilities’ employees. Therefore, BATAN has prepared a security culture agenda by inviting resources who are competent in their field. On August 13th 2015, nuclear security culture dissemination event was done in Bandung. This was a continuation of dissemination performed in BATAN-Jepara on March 2015, where the resource speaker present on that event was from CSCA. This time Ir. Bambang Herutomo as the Head of PRSG was one of the resource speaker of the security culture dissemination in Bandung. Ir. Bambang Herutomo delivered presentation regarding the security culture implementation. He provided an example where one employee must motivate himself to always adhere to comply with the regulations and procedures established by the leadership. According to Ir. Bambang Herutomo, adhere to procedure is one of security culture characteristic.

Working with radioactive material demands a high work safety culture. BATAN conducts this in accordance to the national as well as international regulations.

The human factor as well as the security culture is important factors in assuring the security in facilities, infrastructure and transportation of nuclear materials. This is what is always applied in BATAN since its establishment 55 years ago by following the international regulations and standards.

Nuclear technology is an important means in supporting the national development program in Indonesian, especially in the field of health, food and agriculture, management of water resources, and environmental protection.

On the other hand, the issue of nuclear security is still an important issue for the national as well as the international world. This is in consideration of the risks if nuclear material falls into the wrong hands and used irresponsibly. Because of this, serious steps are needed in protecting facilities as well as nuclear materials. -  (Serpong, 12/8/2015) In accordance to the 2015-2016 CSCA road map, which one of the agenda is to perform stage 2 Nuclear Security Culture Self-Assessment, thus the survey was decided to be done in August 12th, 2015. The same survey was performed by BATAN on 2012-2013 by referring to the draft guidelines of self-assessment methodology on nuclear security culture or called IAEA-NST026. This was mentioned by the Deputy Chairman of BATAN, Dr. Anhar R. Antariksawan in his remarks during the opening of the survey today. Dr. Anhar also added that the stage 2 survey is planned to utilize 4 tools: survey, interview, document review and observation. While the stage 1 survey only used 2 tools: survey and interview. The survey result will give benefits to the employees, officials and leadership in order to determine the improvement measures in the future, based on the culture indicators that was seen negative by the respondents. This stage 2 survey will be reported back to IAEA and will be presented in international forums.