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Collaborating Centre – A recognition from IAEA

BATAN was appointed by the IAEA as an IAEA Collaborating Centre

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Tomo Graphy

Safety and Security

Working with radioactive material requires a high safety and security culture. BATAN has implemented the nuclear safety and security culture accordance with national and international regulations.

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Reaktor Triga

The Research of BATAN includes industrial radiography for testing of materials up to rare earth metals which are used by many industries of the world.
The use of nuclear actually has entered into various fields of the industry. Therefore it is not only energy issues like electric power generation. Batan with its various R&D&E has much served the requests of the industry in the country like the examples elaborated as follows:

The nuclear technique application specifically gamma rays in the industrial world among others is for non destructive testing of certain objects. The understanding non destructive testing here which is the method of testing or examination to materials or industrial material products by not creating damage to the material being examined.
The non destructive testing is already a sound technique, standardized and widely used in the world. The benefit of non destructive testing is to assure the certainty of quality, reliability of component, and safety in operation of installation in all the sectors of the industry.
Gamma rays have characteristics among others able to penetrate objects or certain materials. Because of this it could be used to see and check rebarred concrete in buildings and other buildings, scanning industrial machine components, welding and others.