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Nuclear Capacity Building (NuCaB)

Nuclear Capacity Building or NuCaB program is set by Indonesia Government to assist human resources development and capacity building in developing countries within the regions of Asia-Pacific, Africa, Europe, Latin America, and the Caribbean. This program is the implementation of the practical arrangement signed by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia and the IAEA in February 2018, a framework of non-exclusive cooperation between the Republic Indonesia and the IAEA on Enhancing Technical Cooperation among Developing Countries (TCDC) and Strengthening South-South Cooperation (SSC).
In 2015, the Indonesia Government initiated a program named the RCBI (Regional Capacity Building Initiative) for other IAEA member states in the Asia-Pacific region. This program shows Indonesia commitment in supporting human resource development and capacity building to enhance the public welfare on designated countries. At the same time, Indonesia has also contributed to the development of non-nuclear field competencies in the framework of South-South Cooperation and Triangular Cooperation (ISSTC) which covers the Asia-Pacific, Africa, Caribbean and Latin America, and European areas. NuCaB was supported by Indonesia Government, especially the State Secretariate, Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education, National Nuclear Energy Agency, Nuclear Energy Regulatory Agency, and other R&D institutions.
The support provided by Indonesia through the arrangement are training and capacity building, provision of experts and lecturers, utilization of laboratory and analytical facilities. An activity has been done by Indonesia to implement the arrangement in term of hosting a two-week regional Train the Trainers Course on the Preparation and Quality Control of Tc-99m Radiopharmaceutical, including good manufacturing practices (GMP) aspect. This regional training was held in Jakarta in 2018 under the framework of regional project RAF6054 of Africa titled 'Strengthening and Improving Radiopharmacy Services.



To contribute in the human resources development in developing countries in nuclear science and engineering


To promote deeper cultural understanding among developing countries


To strengthen the relationship and cooperation among developing countries



Scope of Activities


To strengthen the SSC, the scope of activities of the NuCaB program is developed under the ISSTC, the Developing Countries Partnership (KNB), and the RCBI programs. The State Secretariate is responsible for activities in ISSTC, while the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education provides the scholarship for citizens in designated countries through the KNB Program. Other activities, such as training courses, meetings, fellowships, and scientific visits, and the provision of Indonesian expert advice, were developed under the RCBI program. 

Target Region


Focus Area of NuCaB

The capacity building program focuses on 16 major areas of nuclear S&T which already implemented and utilized in Indonesia. The capacity building program may consist program offered by Indonesia, national program or program related to IAEA regional/international TC Projects, and specialized program which requested by the user’s or donor’s as to meet their needs.

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