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Collaborating Centre – A recognition from IAEA

BATAN was appointed by the IAEA as an IAEA Collaborating Centre

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Safety and Security

Working with radioactive material requires a high safety and security culture. BATAN has implemented the nuclear safety and security culture accordance with national and international regulations.

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From left to right: Ir. Suryantoro, MT (Deputy for Nuclear Energy Technology), Dr. Hendig Winarno, M.Sc (Deputy for Empowerment of Nuclear Technology), Prof. Dr. Ir. Anhar R. Antariksawan (Head of BATAN), Ir. Falconi Margono S., MM.(Executive Secretary), Prof. Dr. Ir. Efrizon Umar, MT. (Deputy for Nuclear Science & Application of Technology), 

Dari kanan ke kiri: Efrizon Umar (Deputi Bidang Sains & Aplikasi Teknologi Nuklir), Falconi Margono (Sekretaris Utama), Anhar Riza Antariksawan (Kepala BATAN), Hendig Winarno (Deputi Bidang Pendayagunaan Teknologi Nuklir), Suryantoro (Deputi Bidang Teknologi Energi Nuklir).

Position, Main Duty and Function
In accordance to Law No. 10/1997 regarding Nuclear Energy and Decision of the President RI No. 64/2005, BATAN has been stipulated as a Non Department Government Institution, which is under and responsible to the President. BATAN is led by a Head and coordinated by the Minister for Research and Technology.
The main duty of BATAN is to conduct government duties in the field of research, development and utilization of nuclear energy in accordance to the provisions of the valid laws and regulations. In conducting its duties BATAN conducts the functions:

  • Assessment and preparation of the national policy in the field of research, development and utilization of nuclear energy
  • Coordination of functional activities in implementation of the duties of BATAN
  • Facilitation and guidance towards the activities of government institutions in the field of research, development and utilization of nuclear energy.
  • Conducting guidance and general administration services in the field of general planning, office administration, organization and work procedures, employee administration, finance, archiving, legal affairs, coding, logistics and household.

BATAN is superior in the Regional Level, has the Role in Accelerating Welfare towards an Independent Nation 


  1. Formulate national policy and strategy for nuclear science and technology
  2. Develop a nuclear science and technology which is reliable, sustainable and beneficial to the people
  3. Strengthen the role of BATAN as a leader in the regional level, and an active role in the international level
  4. Conduct prime services in utilization of nuclear science and technology for the satisfaction of the stakeholders
  5. Conduct dissemination of nuclear science and technology stressing on the utilization, safety and security

The objective in development of nuclear science and technology is to give real support in the national development with the role of

  • Increasing the results of R&D of nuclear energy, isotope and radiation, and the utilization/empowerment by the people in supporting the national development program
  • Increasing the management performance of institutions and strengthening the innovation system in the frame of supporting research, development and application of nuclear energy, isotope and radiation

The target of the nuclear science and technology development which desires to be achieved are:

  • Increase in the results of R&D enisora in the form of superior food plant seeds, availability of the basic infrastructure in the development of NPP, understanding of the people towards nuclear technology, utilization in application of isotope and radiation technology for health; and
  • Increase in management performance of institution and strengthening of the innovation system covering NS&T institution, NS&T resources and strengthening the NS&T network in the frame of supporting the utilization of the results of research, development and application of nuclear energy, isotope and radiation in the community

All the nuclear science and technology activities are conducted professionally for peaceful purposes with priority to the principles of safety and security, as well as harmonization of the environment.

All the nuclear activities shall be based on the values

  • Visionary, Innovative, Excellent and Accountable
  • Honesty, Discipline, Openness, Accountability, Creative and Mutual Loyalty

As well as based on 5 (five) guide lines of BATAN which are:

  • Pioneering mindset
  • Scientific Tradition
  • Oriented to the Industry
  • Prioritize Safety
  • Communicative