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Pusat Reaktor Serbaguna (PRSG)

Dibangun untuk mendukung sarana penelitian dan pembuatan radioisotop

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Ruang Kendali Utama PRSG

Dalam ruang inilah sistem operasi reaktor dikendalikan

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Detektor Paparan Radiasi yang terpasang di dinding reaktor bagian dalam

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Teras Reaktor

G.A. Siwabessy Multipurpose Reactor (GAS-MPR) located in Center of Science and Technology Research (Pusat Penelitian Ilmu Pengetahuan dan Teknologi/PUSPIPTEK), Serpong, South Tangerang, is one of the research reactors owned by Indonesia, and operated by BATAN’s Center of Multipurpose Reactor (CMPR).  Interatom International from West Germany built this reactor in 1983.  This reactor reaches critical condition in July 29th, 1987 and being authorized by Indonesia’s second President (Grand General of TNI Purn. H. Muhammad Soeharto) in August 20th, 1987.


BATAN is Superior in the Regional Level, Having the role in Acceleration of Welfare Leading to the Nation’s Self Reliance


  • Increasing the availability and reliability of GAS-MPR operation (operating on a fixed schedule with the minimum hours of 2700 per year and Unplanned Shut-Down Reactor as the cause of the internal factor that is below 5 times per year)
  • Assuring the management of GAS-MPR in complying with the applicable nuclear regulations
  • Assuring the continuous zero accident culture in safety, security and environment
  • Increasing the capacity and capability of human resources in utilizing GAS-MPR
  • Increasing the types and quality of GAS-MPR irradiation services

CMPR organisational structure is divided into group of divisions with different duties and functions which have the intention of carrying out all the CMPR activities related to the main duties, function, objectives and target. These followings are the description of CMPR’s divisions:

Administrative Division

The administrative division has the duties of planning, correspondence and filing, staffing, financial, equipment and household, scientific documentation and publication also reporting.

Administrative Division has some functions that are listed below.

  1. Planning, correspondence and filing, staffing, administration of scientific activities, documentation and publication, also reporting;
  2. Handling finance
  3. Handling equipment and household affairs.

Center of Multipurpose Reactor is led by structural functionaries (echelon II, III, and IV) who synergize the divisions to build a good governance organization. The profile of functionaries are described below. 

In achieving its goals, Center of Multipurpose Reactor is empowered by the reliable human resources with various competencies and skills with the total employee of 178. The distribution of human resources in CMPR based on the division are illustrated on the table below. (last update: October 2019)

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