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The Center for Dissemination and Partnership (PDK) is one of the work units in BATAN which has the strategic role in socialization of the results of research, development and application (R&D&App) of nuclear science and technology in all the regions of Indonesia through activities in dissemination, promotion, and partnership in nuclear science and technology.

This role is the spear head of the total activities in order that BATAN is more known by the public at large in the national as well as the international level. Its location is in the Nuclear Area at Pasar Jumat, Jakarta.

General Condition

Nuclear science and technology has spread to all aspects of life, like in the field of energy, food, health, industry, natural resources and environment (SDAL). The Center for Dissemination and Partnership under the Deputy for Empowerment of Nuclear Technology has the duty to downstream all the results of the R&D&App that have been tested to the public so that the role of nuclear science and technology in increasing the welfare of the public could be felt of its benefits.

The activities of PDK is formulated in the form of lectures, seminars, workshops, Smart-precise competition, public lectures, training, exhibition Focused Group Discussion (FGD), get-togethers, partner meeting, demo technology, which are supported by publication activities, publishing house, techno-economy assessment, market potency survey and feasibility study, as well as services in administration and finance by application of a quality assurance in all the activities.

The activities are conducted to develop a positive perception of the public towards nuclear technology. To know the positive public perception, measurement is conducted in regard to the level of understanding and not only needs a focused, directed, planned, variation, but also needs the means, which among them are the utilization of the electronic media, web media and printing media, as well as supported by adequate, reliable, and professional human resources, therefore the activities in dissemination and partnership of nuclear science and technology could be realized in accordance to the objectives and targets which have been stipulated.