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Focus Group Discussion Penyusunan Dokumen Ancaman Dasar Desain Lokal Kawasan Nuklir Serpong Tahun 2015

Focus Group Discussion Penyusunan Dokumen Ancaman Dasar Desain Lokal Kawasan Nuklir Serpong Tahun 2015


The Work Unit of the new house, the results of reorganization conducted by BATAN. With the expectation, spirit and new energy it is expected that this house could more efficient and useful in giving more contribution towards the performance of the organization. With this slimming, there of course would be a variety of responses by all the employees of BATAN, however the program shall remain to be implemented.

One matter that needs to be given attention to and special notation which is the objective of this change in the frame of bureaucratic reformation which is in the midst of promotion therefore the institution could produce better outcomes, in the measured time and cost.

In Serpong, 22 January 2014 a handing over of position to the new leader who is Drs Raden Heru Umbara (previously Head of PTLR) who will lead PPIKSN from 21 January 2014 and release Ir. Ferly Hermana, MM who is promoted to lead PRFN.

The event was in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and also attended by the Deputy for the Empowerment of Nuclear Technology (PTN), Head of BSDM, new officials and all the staff of PPIKSN.

In that moment documents were submitted symbolically by the Head of PPIN and Head of PKTN to the Head of PPISKSN. It is expected that this change would give meanings to all the activities and would also be a process in achieving the objective of the change.

The New Face of PPIKSN
Even though there are still many who do not know the abbreviation of the Work Unit PPIKSN which is the Center for Empowerment of Informatics and Nuclear Strategic Area, however this could be forgiven because it is newly 2 (two) days old since this name was endorsed.

PPIKSN possesses a duty and function for internal and external services. PPIKSN has the duty to conduct formulation and control of technical policies, guidance and fostering in the field of empowerment of informatics and management of the nuclear strategic area.

In implementation of its duties, PPIKSN holds the functions as follows:

  1. Implementation of affairs in planning, letter administration and archives, employee administration, logistics and household, scientific documentation and publication as well as reporting
  2. Implementation of management of the computer network system
  3. Implementation in management of nuclear management information system
  4. Implementation in management of the Serpong Nuclear Area
  5. Implementation in monitoring of personnel dose and the Serpong nuclear area environment
  6. Implementation of Quality Assurance
  7. Implementation of nuclear security
  8. Implementation of other duties given by the Deputy for Empowerment of Nuclear Technology