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PTLR-BATAN Receiving Radioactive Waste Management of Entire Indonesia

In Indonesia, the radioactive substance used in particular by the industry and hospitals. .....

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Safety Being a First Priority in Radioactive Waste Management

The safety of workers, the public and the environment is a major factor in the activities of a nuclear facility in Serpong .....

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The Duties and Responsibilities of Radioactive Waste Management in Indonesia is PTLR-BATAN

In Law No.10 of 1997 on Nuclear Power, that the Radioactive Waste Management is implemented by the Executive Agency .....

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Radioactive Waste Management Services of Collection, Grouping, Processing & Storage

PTLR committed to improving radioactive waste management services meet customer expectations. .....


The Center for Radioactive Waste Technology (PTLR) is one of the work units under the Deputy for Nuclear Energy – BATAN which has the duty to conduct research and development of technology in radioactive waste management in accordance to the Regulation of the Head of BATAN Number 14 Year 2013. PTLR is located BATAN in the PUSPIPTEK Area, Serpong (Now Setu), South Tangerang, Province of Banten with a building area of 4.440 m2.

The Installation for Radioactive Waste Processing was first inaugurated by the President of RI Mr. Soeharto on the date 5th December 1988 under the work unit of the Center for Radioactive Waste Management Technology (PTPLR) - BATAN. At that time BATAN was still then abbreviation of the National Atomic Energy Agency. Furthermore, through the Decision of the President Number 197 year 1998, the name National Atomic Energy Agency was changed to the National Nuclear Energy Agency. In Law Number 10 Year 1997 regarding Nuclear Energy Chapter VI Management of Radioactive Waste, Article 23 mentions that the Management of Radioactive Waste shall be conducted by the Implementing Agency and firmly stated in Government Regulation Number 61 Year 2013 Regarding the Management of Radioactive Waste. The position of the National Nuclear Energy Agency is as the implementing agency also is firmly stated by Regulation of the President Number 46 year 2013 regarding the National Nuclear Energy Agency.

The organization of PTLR is headed by an Echelon II Official as the Head of the Center and consisting of one Administrative Section and 6 technical Sections which are headed by Echelon II Officials. Besides that, there are 2 units of equivalent to level Echelon IV who are directly accountable to the Head of the Center.

Head of Center : Ir. Suryantoro, MT.
Sections :
• Section for Office Administration (BTU)
• Section for Waste Management (BPL)
• Section for Technology in waste Processing and Storage (BTPPL)
• Section for Development of Waste Facility (BPFL)
• Section for Safety of Work and Operation (BK2O)
Unit :
• Quality Assurance Unit
• Nuclear Security
Human Resources
Based on February 2014 data

Vision and Mission
Vision of PTLR (2015 – 2019)
”To Become a Center for Development of Technology and Service in Radioactive Waste Management”

Mission of PTLR (2015-2019)
1. Increase mastery in technology of radioactive waste management by method of research, development t, and application of technology in accordance to the need in line with the development of technology, laws and regulations, and requirements (in connection with Mission 2 of BATAN).
2. Increase quality of services in radioactive waste management, the safety, safe, reliable, and environmentally based for stakeholders by way of applying services standards and SMM in radioactive waste processing (in connection with Mission 4 of BATAN).
3. Increase understanding and acceptance of the public in radioactive waste management by way of implementation in guidance of radioactive waste management (in connection with Mission 5 of BATAN).

Motto and safety Culture
Motto of Radioactive Waste Management
“ P E D U L I ”
Pionir | Efektif & Efisien | Disiplin | Unggul | Lugas |Inovatif
“ C A R E”
Pioneer|Effective & Efficient|Discipline| Superior|Humble-Firm|Innovative

Safety Culture

“ Go Safely
Work Safely
Environment safe
Coming Home Safely”

Legal Basis
The Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 10 year 1997 regarding Nuclear Energy, Chapter VI Management of Radioactive Waste, Article 23 mentions that the Management of radioactive waste shall be conducted by the Implementing Agency. In accordance to the Regulation of the Government of the Republic of Indonesia Number 18 year1999 regarding the Management of Dangerous Material and Toxic Wastes, in Article 5 and its elucidation it is stipulated that the National Atomic Energy Agency is the institution for radioactive waste management. Besides that, the radioactive waste is also regulated in Regulation of the Government No. 61 Year 2013 regarding Management of Radioactive Waste.

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Gedung 50 Kawasan Puspiptek Serpong Tangerang Selatan 15310
Telp. (021) 7563142 , (021) 75872029, Fax. (021)7560927
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Radiation Protection Officer at Center for Radioactive Waste Technology - National Nuclear Energy Agency (PTLR BATAN)

Adi Wijayanto was born in a small village, Kudus, Province of Central Java, he worked as a radiation protection officer in Center for Radioactive Waste Technology BATAN which is licensed by BAPETEN since 2008. He received a scholarship funded by KINS (Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety) at Nuclear Quantum Engineering Department of KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute Science and Technology), KINS-KAIST Master Degree Program 9th Batch in Korea. He focused his research and activity interested on Radiation Protection and Environmental Impact Assessment of Radioactive Waste Management and Nuclear Safety Instrumentation and Control System.