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Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences - University of Sriwijaya, Palembang (FMIPA-UNSRI) and Center for Science and Technology of Advanced Materials - BATAN (PSTBM-BATAN) are honored to jointly organise the 9th Seminar on Magnetic Materials (the 9th SMM). At first, this Seminar which initiated in 1999 by BATAN and then continuously held for every two years in collaboration with several universities is the only seminar that specializes in delivering wide range of research and development of magnetic materials in Indonesia. It was initially driven by the availability of neutron scattering facilities known as one of the advanced methods for studying magnetic structure of materials, nowadays more extensive facilities are available in many institutes and universities in Indonesia. Supported also by increasing funding, R & D programs of magnetic materials in Indonesia are now carried out with the aim not just to gain basic understanding of magnetism and intrinsic properties of magnetic materials but also revealing its potential applications. This seminar will be honored to provide a forum for presenting the result of magnetic research as well as the wide applications of magnetic materials from over the world of magnetic materials communities.

Palembang, the capital city of South Sumatra Province, located on the Musi River banks is chosen as the venue for the seminar. The city of Palembang was once the capital of the ancient maritime kingdom of Sriwijaya that controlled most part of Indonesia, Malaysia and Southern Thailand. Along the riverbank, there are many interesting tourism sites such as Jembatan Ampera (Ampera Bridge), a 1,177 meters bridge which was built in 1962; Benteng Kuto Besak (Kuto Besak Fortress); Museum Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin the 2nd; Kemaro Island; and many other interesting tourist destinations.

Not far from this city, lies the island of Bangka-Belitung, which is known as one of the world's largest producers of tin. Tin-slag, wastes from tin mining, contains various kinds of rare earth element and its deposits currently reach ~1.5 billion tons which has not yet been optimally utilized. Rare earth metals are well noticed as a main constituent for producing a strongest type permanent magnet commercially available at this time, but its existence are limited only in a few countries and decreasing with time. This problem will also be highlighted in the seminar and thorough discussion between authorities and participants are expected to be settled for providing future opportunities to optimally utilizing this deposit to support the development of magnetic materials.

We, on behalf of the organising committee, are kindly invite you to join us to participate in this Seminar and enjoying the stay at Palembang.

the 9th SMM Organising Committees

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