Experimental Power Reactor
Technology Selection of Roadmap in Development of Experimental Power Reactor
Investigation of the RDE Site
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Many people know about the nuclear reactor as only for electricity generation. Information regarding the nuclear reactor for electricity generation (NPP) is more in the news than the nuclear reactor for other functions or purposes, because cases of nuclear reactor accidents which occur are mostly from that type of nuclear reactor. Besides nuclear reactors for electricity generation (power reactor) there are two other types of nuclear reactors, which is the nuclear reactor for research and production of radioisotope. The research reactor is mostly utilized for research purposes, material testing and element analysis, whereas the reactor for production of isotope is used for making natural material which is not radioactive to become radioactive. The nuclear reactor is a facility or place where inside there is material and components which make it possible for a nuclear reaction to occur. The process of the nuclear reaction needs fuel which usually is made from uranium or thorium. The two fuels could be obtained from nature (earth’s crust) by first conducting a separation process from other elements. The nuclear reactor could be utilized for the interest of human beings, among others for obtaining electricity and radioactive isotope which is needed by hospitals, industry and agriculture.