(Yogyakarta, 09/07/2020). Head of the Nuclear Energy Supervisory Agency (Bapeten), Jazi Eko Istiyanto, directly led the inspection task carried out by his institution at the BATAN Accelerator Science and Technology Center in Yogyakarta (09/07/2020).

"The challenge for the nuclear people is getting heavier every day because it concerns nuclear safety and security aspects. This is a joint task between the inspector (Bapeten, red) and the operator (BATAN) so that the nuclear remains safe," said Jazi at the beginning of his speech.

Facing the Covid-19 era, Jazi felt that he was compatible with the distance learning system implemented by the Kartini reactor in Yogyakarta. The Head of Bapeten asked the Director of Inspection of Radiation Facilities and Radioactive Substances, Zainal Arifin, "Can this inspection be done by using Zoom, without having to come to Jogja. For example, the inspector will ask to carry out work processes such as measuring by meter survey and so on," said Jazi. This will save a lot of budget, this needs to be evaluated to make it more useful. Jazi believes that BATAN and Bapeten are partners so that by doing so, it will not harm the nuclear people.

Jazi also told about how to make nuclear ground to the public by demonstrating applications in the nuclear field such as Betatron which is used to measure the strength of toll road construction. Often he was horrified when he stopped under a toll bridge that was full of vehicles.

The Bapeten group of four people was received by Acting Head of PSTA Gede Sutresna Wijaya, in his remarks Gede said that Bapeten was the first guest to come to PSTA since the Covid-19 pandemic occurred in Indonesia. Through the Radiation Safety Inspection in the utilization of this ionizing radiation source, Gede also hopes that the input from the inspection results will make improvements.

By implementing the health protocol, the first facility that Bapeten visited for inspection was the electron beam machine. Next is the inspection of the use of XRD (X-Ray Difraction) and XRF (X-Ray Fluorescence). Previously, PSTA had applied for a license to use these two equipment. Early 2020 Bapeten has issued a permit. In addition to direct inspection of equipment, document checks were also carried out, including log books of operation, maintenance, including minutes of handing over landfill.

The scope of inspection from Bapeten is the group for the use of Gauging, Irradiator (Levels I, II and III) covering matters relating to the administration of permits, work facilities, and radiation safety systems. The Inspection Team whose duties are as follows: Jazi Eko Istiyanto, as Main Inspector, also as Team Leader. Furthermore, as team members are Zainal Arifin, as Main Inspector, Sumedi, as Young Inspector, and Samsu Riza Wibowo, as Young Inspector.

From the results of the inspections carried out at the radiation and radioactive substance facilities belonging to PSTA BATAN Yogyakarta, Bapeten gave a Green value. Bapeten issues 3 kinds of inspection assessment colors, namely Red means the facility cannot be used, Yellow means that it can still be used with the obligation to repair. Green means that it can still be used because it has met safety and security requirements. (biw)