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High Resolution Power Diffractometer (HRPD) is a neutron diffractometer and as complement of X-Ray Diffracometer. HRPD can be used in the temperature range of 20 K to 850 °C in situ. The object can powder or bulk of solid material. HRPD widely used to determine crystal structure, magnetic structure and phase transformation.


The objective of the workshop activity is:

  • Lecture on the basic theory of diffraction
  • Practice to obtain neutron diffraction data.
  • Neutron diffraction data analysis using Fullprof software


  • Participants can understand the basic theory of diffraction
  • Participants can preparation of sample, setting parameter and take diffraction data
  • Participants can analysis using Fullprof softwate


International Conference on Nuclear Capacity building, Education, Research and Applications (I-Concern’19) i-Concern is hosted by National Nuclear Energy Agency of Indonesia (BATAN) and is jointly organized with Indonesian Society of Nuclear Medicine (PKNI) and Polytechnic Institute of Nuclear Technology (STTN). The conference will be held in Yogyakarta, Indonesia from 6 -7 September 2019 under the theme “Encouraging Application of Nuclear Science, Technology, Innovation and Human Resources Development Towards Prosperous Indonesia”. The venue will be the Royal Ambarrukmo Hotel in the down town of Yogyakarta.

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NEXPO 2019 is the biggest event on nuclear and its application in 2019. This event is held jointly between Polytechnic Institute of Nuclear Technology, Indonesian Society of Nuclear Medicine (PKNI), and National Nuclear Energy Agency of Indonesia (BATAN) which consists of PSTA, PSTBM, PSMN, PDK, and PAIR.