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Collaborating Centre – A recognition from IAEA

BATAN was appointed by the IAEA as an IAEA Collaborating Centre

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Safety and Security

Working with radioactive material requires a high safety and security culture. BATAN has implemented the nuclear safety and security culture accordance with national and international regulations.

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Reaktor Triga

(Serpong, 08/05/2020). In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic situation, the Head of the National Nuclear Energy Agency, Anhar Riza Antariksawan appointed two BATAN expert researchers at the Auditorium of building 71 Serpong Nuclear Area, South Tangerang, Friday (08/05). One of the inaugurated research experts is Hendig Winarno, who previously served as Deputy of Nuclear Technology Utilization, was appointed as Principal Research Expert in the field of Radiation Chemistry, Isotope Tracer and Pharmaceutical Chemistry. Meanwhile, Jupiter Sitorus Pane, who previously served as Head of the Center for Applied Nuclear Science and Technology, was appointed Intermediate Research Expert in the field of Reactor Safety Technology.

In his remarks Anhar said that the inauguration this time was special because the two officials who had been inaugurated were those who had been holding structural positions as high-ranking officials at BATAN, then it was time to return to functional positions. "I think such things will continue, also for other structural officials at a later date," said Anhar.

"Changes in position from structural to functional, or vice versa from functional to structural are something common in an organization," he continued.

According to Anhar, wherever we are, both as structural officials and as functional officials, we can all give and dedicate the best of ourselves for our organization and for the nation and society of Indonesia. "Even in the future, I can say that functional officials will play an important role, no less important than structural officials," he said.

Furthermore, as the head of BATAN, Anhar congratulated Hendig Winarno who will carry out his duties as Principal Researcher at the Isotope and Radiation Application Center, as well as to Jupiter Sitorus Pane who will carry out his duties as Intermediate Researcher at the Center for Nuclear Reactor Safety and Technology. "I also want to express my deepest gratitude for the dedication, performance and all the business contributions and thoughts that you have given to BATAN while serving as structural officials," said Anhar.

In addition, Anhar also expressed his hope to the newly appointed functional researchers, that BATAN would be very much waiting for its performance output. "Of course, in the next position to be carried on the shoulders of you gentlemen is not easy. I really hope that later as a functional research officer, the performance of Mr. Hendig and Mr. Jupiter will remain the same, or even improve,” he said.

At the end of his remarks, in the situation of the Covid-19 pandemic, Anhar hopes and prays that all of us, our families and the whole Indonesian nation are protected by the one and only God. "Hopefully the Indonesian people can get through these difficult times well as soon as possible," he concluded. (my)